Andreas Hannes: The Idle Wish

In The Idle Wish, the two performers are navigating through parallel narratives in a dramaturgy that reminds of a slumber party. Images are created only to be transformed, allowing more than one relation and sense of time to appear in their intimate actions. In an excessive manner, they are reshaping a space where crisis and celebration appear simultaneously; as if to question the distances in-between the present and the future, their bodies, the choreographies and the historical references they introduce on stage. While being busy with the past, they focus on the future of the present and therefore investing in hope. The stage becomes a sci-fi space where their bodies could become one and split in two, while non-domesticated avatars and emoticons appear as almost to interfere with their plans. If our history, this spectacle, cannot be broken, if we cannot live outside of it, then how do we live within it?

A project initiated by Andreas Hannes
Developed & performed by Marc Oliveras Casas & Andreas Hannes
featuring Noor Scheers & Paulina Prokop

Costume construction: Paulina Prokop
Music edit & advice: Tatiana Rosa
Advice: Bruno Listopad

Produced by SNDO, MTD, AHK Interfaculty Grant, CvA Master of Live Electronics & Small House Productions