Dario Tortorelli: D NO BODY #5 - Transcending

Nowadays, we are increasingly busy creating a monumental image of ourselves. We like to stand out, be recognized and remembered. This dance performance, which plays with the body and identity, is searching for the perfect avatar of ourselves. Choreographer Dario Tortorelli continues his research on how our image is determined by the other. We want to be immortal and at the same time hear something. Tortorelli wants to discover new ways in which the body can be displayed by abstracting it.

Through his alter ego Romeo Heart, he lets us experience how the things we see 'feel', but can we also connect a taste, smell or sound t it? Can we omit the body in a physical performance? Can we replace it if it's no longer visible? Tortorelli calls for a physical presence in this performance, which is as tangible as the real body.

"In their slow journey, the performers first move through the space alone, to eventually search for balance and find unity. Together they form beautifully sculpted poses. (...) Tortorelli and his performers make a subtle but strong statement." - Theaterkrant ****