Floris Kaayk:

The Modular Body (talk)

With his sci-fi multi-media creations, filmmaker/visual artist Floris Kaayk explores the human potential to create technologies that can alter the human body. "Sometimes the subjects are bizarre and surreal, but I try to present them as normal as possible. To make it look like the made-up technology is already here, or is already possible.”

During WhyNot, he talks about his project The Modular Body, which forecasts a future in which a partially or completely modular human body can be a new form of life. Although some news headlines might suggest otherwise, research into the technology of growing of organs and 3D printing with human stem cells are actually still in their infancy. For Kaayk, this is the ideal territory for some heavy sci-fi speculation. Why would humans print an organ exactly in its original shape? Wouldn’t it be more ideal and interesting to perfect it?

Floris Kaayk is known for viral projects like Human Birdwings and his work on De Staat's prize-winning Witch Doctor video clip. He recently he got awarded the Witteveen Bos Art and Technique prize and as part of this will open his very own exhibition FLORIS KAAYK from 3 November till 3 December at the Bergkerk in Deventer.