Katja Heitmann: Tearing Machine

In this sculptural installation version, Katja Heitmann researches to which extent a human can become a machine. In an intimate space, four performers appear whose mission is to maintain balance while moving exasperatingly slow. This work investigates if a human being can be a fully functioning machine, a device of bones, muscles, sensors, and meat. Heitmann’s man-machines show the relics that remain when a human is in total control of his or her body, pushes itself to the limit. In an interactive talk at the start of the festival, Heitmann allows the audience experience this itself.

concept & choreography: Katja Heitmann
concept & soundscape: Sander van der Schaaf
performance: Anna Zurkirchen, Lorenzo Capodieci, Wies Berkhout, Merle Schiebergen, Julia van Rooijen (stage)
co-production: DansBrabant
GIF's by Wild&Thorny