Kristin Helgebostad & Laura Marie Rueslåtten: Me Too

co-presented by Dansmakers

Imagine hearing movement and seeing sounds.
In Me Too, handbells and movement melt into a beautiful, clear and tangible synthesis.

Helgebostad/Rueslåtten have created a piece based on the sound of acoustic hand bells and physical movement. We are hearing movements and seeing sounds as colours, energy and three dimensional singing and dancing sculptures in space.
The dancers conjure up a collective movement that constantly transforms itself, like an eternal metamorphosis. They melt together handbells, bodily movement, scenography and light into a black box landscape of suggestive, materialized energy. Meanings are shattered by abstractions and vice versa, it is not easy to see who is who or what is what.

"With rhythmical stamping and hand bells as main elements, Me Too constantly moved in surprising directions.”
- nominee Norwegian Critics Prize 2015

This presentation is made possible by Dansmakers and the Aerowaves network.

Concept: Kristin Helgebostad and Laura Marie Rueslåtten
Performers: Marianne Kjærsund, Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal, Irene Theisen, Berglind Rafnsdottir and Laura Marie Rueslåtten
Choreography: Kristin Ryg Helgebostad
Composer: Laura Marie Rueslåtten
Light Design: Martin Myrvold
Costume Design: Thale Kvam Olsen
Outside Eye: Hooman Sharifi
Music Consultant: Ole Henrik Moe
Spatial Consultant: Chrisander Brun
Photography: Simen Dieserud Thornquist
Video Documentation: Vibeke Heide
Co-production: Dansens Hus
Supported by: The Norwegian Arts Council, Fund for Performing
Artists , Fund for Sound & Visuals, Stikk
World Premiere: 26 February 2015, Dansens hus (Oslo)