Nicole Beutler / NBprojects:

Enter Ghost (excerpt)

By presenting a short excerpt of her 2006 performance Enter Ghost, Nicole Beutler makes the invisible visible once again.

The stage direction ‘Enter Ghost’ from Shakespeare’s Hamlet was the point of departure for this project. This instruction is paradoxical: how can we make a ghost – an invisible and undeterminable force – appear on stage? What if we no longer assigned ghosts a place in our fictional fantasy world, but rather saw them as a tangible, material and sociological force? How real is our imagination? With this short excerpt from Enter Ghost - the very last part of the performance - Nicole Beutler aims to create space for the unnameable, the poetic and the inexplicable.

Parallel to the performance, Nicole Beutler published the book The Sensation is Real in close collaboration with typographer Connie Nijman. Connecting disciplines such as literature, philosophy, photography, theology and alchemy, it is a poetic journey through a personal archive of ghostly potential. Countless historical references to séances, spiritism and fairies stand alongside thoughts on Noh theatre, as well as the Shakespearean proposals of the supernatural.

The book will be for sale during WhyNot at a special discount price of €5!