O.T.T.O.T.T (On The Tip Of The Tongue)

Genevieve Murphy, Gunar Gunnsteinsson, Emile Frankel, Isadora Tomasi

At De School, a heavy beat cannot be missed. And O.T.T.O.T.T. has been known to drop a few. On The Tip Of The Tongue is a band of four artists who come from Iceland, Scotland, Australia and Italy. Through their diverse artistic backgrounds, the genre of techno has brought these all-round composers, musicians, performers and singers together. The group introduce their influences in contemporary classical music, experimental pop and mime performance and within the framework of techno the live element is crucial to experience alongside their unique sound. The members, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Genevieve Murphy, Isadora Tomasi and Emile Frankel are all based in Amsterdam.

During the concert you can enjoy a special dance improvisation by Lily Kiara. Kiara has been making dance performances for more than twenty years. Her work comes from a fierce dedication to improvisation as an autonomous performance art.