WhyNot x Cinedans: The Ferryman

Gilles Delmas, FR, 2016, 70 min

The Ferryman is a cinematic and choreographic exploration of the animistic roots of rituals, dance and sculpture, and their contemporary relevance.

French performer and choreographer Damien Jalet takes the viewer on an outlandish journey as a half-deer, half-hunter character. The Ferryman is a visceral and poetic film rich with metaphors, filmed in the stunning landscape of volcanic islands such as Bali, Japan and Scotland, as well as in Louvre Museum. The ancestral and complex relationship between men and nature is portrayed through a series of graphic ceremonies, contemporary dance performances excerpts and narration by performance artist Marina Abramović. The film’s beautiful, sometimes haunting, score is made by composer Ryuchi Sakamoto.

*This film contains a graphic depiction of animal slaughter