WhyNot x BIMHUIS: DIVEinD + Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra

Wo 22 December 2021
20:30 - 23:00
€16 - €19
Tickets via bimhuis.nl

A collaborative evening with Bimhuis bringing together music and movement! Live music, dance and spatial design are merged together in the dance performance Transmotion by DIVEinD, followed by the XL-band of Eccentric drummer, singer and producer Jimmi Jo Hueting.

DIVEinD: Transmotion

Dancer and transdisciplinary artist Dario Tortorelli, in close collaboration with musician Thierry Castel and visual artist Rosalie Wammes welcomes the audience to cohabit an urban garden. During this encounter, live music, dance and spatial design are merged together to embrace beauty and impermanence. The air is permeated with sounds. A sequence of movements inspired by folklore and rituals stimulates a unity between the space and all of us.

Concept and dance - Dario Tortorelli, live sound - Thierry Castel, live installation - Nicole van den Berg, dramaturgy - Judit Ruiz Onandi, styling - Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli, technical support - Maarten van Dorp.

Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra

Festivals such as Best Kept Secret and Down the Rabbit Hole have embraced Jo Goes Hunting. The band has it all: catchy songs, futuristic beats and floating vocal harmonies. Jo Goes Hunting is the brainchild of Jimmi Jo Hueting. Besides his activities as a jazz drummer, he is blooming as a producer and songwriter with a love for experimental electronic music, obscure hip-hop and sixties pop. His rhythms might be complex, but the music is danceable and uplifting.

In his studio, Jimmi Jo Hueting plays and records most of the instruments himself, as can be heard on his recent album Front Row. For live performances, the Rotterdam-based drummer is accompanied by a group of versatile musicians. At the BIMHUIS he will perform with an extended band, mixing analogue synths and spacey guitars with saxophones and trombone.

credits: Jo Goes Hunting: Jimmi Hueting drums/vocals, Daniel Eskens bass, Thierry Castel synths, Jelle Roozenburg guitar, Efe Erdem trombone, Nicolo Ricci tenor sax, Jesse Schilderink baritone sax, Carmen van Mulier vocals/percussion, Jara Holdert vocals/percussion