Fri 26 Oct, 18:00 - 19:00
Re-Create Out Loud #6: What if… we would be talking to your body?
MU Eindhoven (Dutch Design Week)
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For the fourth consecutive year, MU sets the stage for Create Out Loud, the talk show that brings design alive during Dutch Design Week, seven evenings in a row. Each night, new guests take us on a refreshing trip through the world of design. Both interesting for a large audience and relevant for insiders and professional designers. Still, Create Out Loud wouldn’t do justice to its name if it lacked the courage to reinvent itself.

In order to do just that, we challenge the boundaries of the familiar talk show on three of these evenings, together with What If Lab. Several designers will give the concept a make-over, a differing format or a surprising pop-up arrangement. All meant to elevate your experience and perception and to get you involved in the conversation in a more intense and intimate way.

Together with designer/curator Tom Loois, we are reinventing the workshop format in a more physical way. A regular talk show predominantly appeals to the eyes and the ears. If it weren’t for logistical inconveniences, we might as well leave the rest of our body at home. But isn’t that a bit of a sad situation? Would the talk show experience not benefit immensely when it addresses the entire body instead of just two human senses? How could posture, arrangement or movement contribute to the way we process all the information, follow the discussion at the table or sympathise with the guests? For answers to these questions – and more – bring your body over to the talk show. Or better yet: step right in!

- Joep Truijen
- Dorota Gazi
- Vivien Tauchmann
- Klasien van de Zandschulp