Schweigman& and DOX: Eros

WED 31 MAY / 20:30
Bimhuis Amsterdam
Tickets: €18 - €21
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A thrilling musical experience as a celebration of femininity in all its facets, in which the female dancers are supported by drums and percussion by Frank Rosaly and Katherina Bornefeld (The EX). DJ Superinca will wrap up the evening with a set in the cafe.

In Eros, a group of women go in search of the power and pleasure of their sensuality. In a contemporary ritual, the brakes are released, all social taboos and cliches are thrown overboard and a powerful feminine energy is unleashed.

Eros is the god of love and passion. Theater maker Boukje Schweigman found that women often look at their own bodies with too little love, certainly when it comes to sensuality and sexuality. Every human being is sensual. Old, young, big or thin, man, woman or non-binary: we all have a body full of energy and sensations. But shame and doubts often color how we see our own bodies. Am I healthy, do I look good? While there is so much more. Our bodies are insane! Powerful, fascinating, sensational. Eros invites you to embrace this in its entirety, in an infectious, energetic performance that goes far beyond everyday life.

Eros was created by Schweigman& in collaboration with Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti and co-produced by DOX.

DJ Superinca (aka Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti) will close the night with a sizzling DJ-set in the cafe, that melts and melds dirty beats and hot songs from her Latin American root system.


concept: Boukje Schweigman, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
makers/ performers:Lysanne van Berlo, Fiona Dekkers, Luana van Eekeren, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Rosanna ter Steege, Goda Zukauskaite
drums and percussion: Frank Rosaly, Katherina Bornefeld
director: Boukje Schweigman
music composition: Frank Rosaly
scenography: Theun Mosk
costume design: Esmée Thomassen