Isabel Cordeiro & Ropes Aligned - And then, it becomes that Produced by WhyNot x ECD

WED 26 APR / 17:00 & 19:00
Location: NDSM Wharf, meeting point: entrance NDSM Café (scheepsbouw kade 6)
Duration: 30 minutes Tickets: 6 euro Get your tickets here

Sixteen students from Expanded Contemporary Dance at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam defy gravity with vertical dance, together with and building on the research of Ropes Aligned (Suzanne de Bekker and Natasja Bode) and Isabel Cordeiro.

Inspired by the first attempts to grasp gravity dating back to Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) who claimed that the four elements —earth, water, air and fire— gravitated towards the centre of the Universe according to their weight (the centre of the universe being conveniently located underneath his feet) the students, in suspension, defying gravity, establish new relations between their bodies and the elements. Moving away from Aristotle’s geocentric view of the universe they venture into an unknown space rebuilding/redefining this space by subjecting it their own interpretation: “And then, it becomes that.”

On Revolving Bodies:

The different parts of Revolving Bodies focus on the changing relationship of man with our planet and forms of life. Building on previous research into choreography and architecture and the moving landscape, WhyNot explores the natural and cyclical movements of our living environment through the body and dance: from the cosmic movement of planets and the position of the earth, to the microscopic scale of cells, molecules and atoms, and the forces - such as gravity - to which all these 'bodies' are subject.


Choreography: Isabel Cordeiro, Ropes Aligned | Suzanne de Bekker & Natasha Bode i.c.w. the students Performers: Dicko-Andrea Din, Jimi Dormans, Marilou Fortune, Nara Goncalves, Maira Darja Horvath, Peer Jonkers, Wiktoria Kolcon, Amisha Kumra, Ugnė Irene Laurinavičiūtė, Ryan Le-Nguyen, Dengling Levine, Pedro Afonso da Silva Sampaio Soares Machado, Bryan Nurhakim, Tara Pula, Rowan van Sen, Gretė Vosyliūtė, Ina Wojdyła. Production: WhyNot and ECD Rigging: Roan Lo-a Njoe Special thanks to: Marc Koolen from PickUp Club, NDSM Loods and Roos Oudt