Perselí + Chronos: As you lean against the noise

WED 31 AUG / 20:30
Bimhuis Amsterdam
Tickets: €16 - €19
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Perselí, a trio co-led by BIMHUIS Artist in Residence Fuensanta Méndez, has found a kindred spirit in the dance collective Chronos. We present a fusion of contemporary jazz with folk influences and transformative dance, in a dialogue with the city from the terrace of the BIMHUIS. Wrapping up the night with dj’s and dancing.

Fuensanta Méndez (Mexico) is a singer, composer and double bass player. Poetry and folklore are important elements in her music. Together with José Soares (Portugal, alto sax) and Alisatair Payne (Scotland, trumpet) she forms Perselí. WhyNot and BIMHUIS connected Perselí to the Chronos dance collective, inviting them to explore an interdisciplinary collaboration based on their shared interests in transformation and the emergence of natural patterns. The basic ingredient is the piece As You Lean Against The Noise by Chronos: a dance inspired by natural growth through constant adaptation, as seen in flocks of birds, mycelium networks or tree roots. In collaboration with singer Vita Pagie.


Alto sax: Jose Soares Trumpet: Alistair Payne Vocals and double bass: Fuensanta Méndez


Concept and performance: Charlotte Mathiessen, Coralie Merle, Sarah Soethoudt, Vera Goetzee Co-production: Chronos, ICK Amsterdam, Over het IJ Festival, Leine Roebana Made possible by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Gravin van Bylandt Stichting, Stichting Norma