Presenting at: Ditdit-dada-ditdit April 2022

Friday 29 April / 19.00
de Ruimte Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam
Performances: €12,50 Dinner: €19,50 Get your tickets here

For the upcoming Ditdit-dada-ditdit, an intimate entanglement of dinner, dance, music, poetry and theatre, WhyNot presents the performance Glaswerk (glassware) by dancer Vera Goetzee and composer Jochem Braat that explores the fragility of our nature by looking for the sound and movement of water and glass. Water adapts, goes where there is space, while glass breaks.

Additionally you can expect a seasonal dinner, the sound work EVOS by Commune N, music by cellist Mascha van Nieuwkerk and poetry by Sayonara Stutgard.