Re-Create Out Loud #5 Tom Loois & WhyNot
Dutch Design Week, MU Eindhoven
Start 18:00
Free Entrance
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What if... your barbecue could talk to you?

In this year’s last Re-Create Out Loud, the audience itself is the subject of discussion. Or actually, not the people, but the objects that are dear to them. Us and Tom Loois reach beyond our anthropocentric mindset to explore our relationship with the world around us, the non-human existence, and the values (not value) represented by plants, animals, objects, the earth and the universe. How do we perceive things, but most importantly: how do things perceive us? What do they have to say to us and what can we learn from them?

Together with filmmaker and designer Alexandre Humbert, who made a whole range of object-interviews, and theatre maker Marije Sujica we will try, this evening, to leave every all-too-human projection behind us and really identify with the non-human, like sociologist Bruno Latour has been propagating for years. A first step towards a different world.

Don't miss out on this last one Friday 25 October at 18.00 sharp!