OurSpace @ Front Row Festival
Sat 28 Sep
18:00 & 18:30 warehouse next to Hero
22:00 & 22:30 Studio Cube, Dansmakers

Front Row is the ongoing cultural experiment by We Are Public. On 28 September they present it all at once. Allow yourself to be dragged into a vortex of music, theatre, dance, film, art and everything in between.

WhyNot has been invited to show our performance OurSpace, a quirky social experiment that choreographs the bodies of participants using a chatbot in WhatsApp. The performance tests the boundaries of space in our hyperconnected world. It reflects on the relatively new but seemingly normalized behaviours and movements we show in our virtual social networks, like “following”, “zooming in” and “liking”.

The chatbot, your social companion in this performance, askes you questions and provides assignments that translate online social habits into physical movements, to help you build new contacts in OurSpace. A dance ritual for new encounters.

INFO ON FRONT ROW FESTIVAL ● Saturday 28 September 2019 ● Front Row Festival ● 16:00h - 04:00h ● Amsterdam Noord ● Location Oedipus Brewing, FC Hyena, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Hero & SkateCafe