Performing Landscapes

Performing Landscapes
Friday 29 April / 19.00
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
Tickets: €5 - €7,50
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Sixteen students of the Expanded Contemporary Dance program of the Amsterdam Academy of Theater and Dance present the result of their research into the body in the landscape: an immersive dance performance in the garden of the Tolhuistuin.

Under the guidance of choreographers Elisa Zuppini and Dario Tortorelli, the students went into town and into nature, to experience how different environments influence, limit or stimulate the way we move. This project was inspired by the performance ‘Landscaping’, that premiered in the Amsterdamse Bos last summer: a performance walk throught the woods created by a collaboration of the choreographers, a landscape architect (Anna Fink), a scenographer (Theun Mosk), a researcher (Daphne Bakker) and a composer (Job Oberman/Oceanic) initiated by the WhyNot dance platform.

The audience is immersed in the landscape where subtle disruptive interventions sharpen the senses. Fuensanta Méndez (Mexico) is a singer, composer and double bass player. Poetry and folklore are important elements in her music. Together with José Soares (Portugal, alto sax) and Alisatair Payne (Scotland, trumpet) she forms Perselí. WhyNot and BIMHUIS connected Perselí to the Chronos dance collective, inviting them to explore an interdisciplinary collaboration based on their shared interests in transformation and the emergence of natural patterns. The basic ingredient is the piece As You Lean Against The Noise by Chronos: a dance inspired by natural growth through constant adaptation, as seen in flocks of birds, mycelium networks or tree roots. In collaboration with singer Vita Pagie.

Expanded Contemporary Dance

Expanded Contemporary Dance is a full time Bachelor education in dance. It is an innovative, varied and dynamic program which prepares dancers for a lifelongcareer in dance. ECD is committed to engaging with artistically and culturally relevant dance practices in studio, on stage and beyond. ECD dancers stem from diverse backgrounds of street and club culture, formal academic training, traditional, social or competitive practice. Throughout the education they develop their physical and mental imagination, awareness and precision. They are supported on their path to becoming professional dancers and co-creating performers with a distinct personal signature and a daring artistic voice.

About WhyNot

WhyNot is a platform for contemporary dance and performance that connects dance with visual art, architecture, the landscape and the city. WhyNot investigates the relationship between the body and its environment through thematic events in collaboration with partners such as Julidans, Arcam, Amsterdamse Bostheater, W139, Cinedans, Bimhuis and Tolhuistuin. The biennial WhyNot Festival brings interdisciplinary makers together to connect creative worlds and experiment with new formats.

Admission €7,50 / CJP: €5


Performance: Salya Berraf Wan-Yu Chen Elias Clark Eivinas Dziena Hannah Fernandes Badura Alberte Buch Gøbel Balder Stuestøl Hansen Dovile Krutulyte Ummi Renteria Wouters Ana Margaride Tasso de Sousa Erikas Žilaitis Meriç Tuncer Swali Mazzaggio Alina Lugovskaya Johan Hogsten Ida Vu Choreography: Elisa Zuppini, Dario Tortorelli in collaboration with the students. Music: Oceanic. Artistic Advice: Keren Levi. Production: Dorothea Sinnema. Research photography: Elisa Zuppini Co-production: WhyNot, Expanded Contemporary Dance, Academie voor Theater en Dans (AHK). With many thanks to the Tolhuistuin.