Vertical Dance Workshop (aerial) Ropes Aligned - @Het Motorblok, Broedplaats Hellema, Oostzijde 381, Zaandam

16 July - 13:00 - 14:30 (1,5h)
Broedplaats Hellema, Oostzijde 381, Zaandam
€11 per person
Register: / direct message on instagram @festivalwhynot
Experience not required, all levels

In the workshop Vertical Dance by Ropes Aligned dancers Suzanne de Bekker and Natasja Bode challenge you to defy gravity and share their passion for vertical dance and wall dance. What is possible with a rope that is vertically connected and what happens to your body weight at different heights. You get to experience hanging in a harness and standing and walking against a wall using climbing and abseil technique.

Playing with the theme of the performance Rope & Limbs, that's part of the OFF VENUE performance tour by WhyNot and Julidans on 2&3 July, the participants experiment with other materials in addition to hanging from a rope designed by visual artist Isabel Cordeiro, that influence your movements. The safety of our participants is paramount, we work with climbing materials. Experience not required / All Levels.

Read more about the performance Ropes & Limbs by Ropes Aligned & Isabel Cordeiro as part of OFF VENUE on 2 & 3 july