Amos Ben-Tal & Gosse de Kort

Wed 22 January 2020
Start 20:30
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A hypnotic performance fusing dance and music, by a large ensemble led by Jasper Stadhouders and the performance installation A Question of Ma. A presentation of Festival WhyNot in collaboration with BIMHUIS and The Rest Is Noise.

The ​PolyBand is built around an ever expanding pool of musicians and performers. Together they create an amalgamation of sound and movements, where each member is equal. Its flexible instrumentation is built around a core of multiple electric guitars and drums, often augmented by accordion, bagpipes and keyboards, and often featuring guest musicians. Dance plays an important role in the performances. PolyBand is led by guitarist Jasper Stadhouders (also in Spinifex and Cactus Truck). Following memorable shows at Le Guess Who?, Transition and Lowlands, the band will now perform at Festival WhyNot!

Amos Ben-Tal & Gosse de Kort: A Question of Ma
The evening starts in the atrium of Muziekgebouw with the WhyNot production A Question Of Ma, a performance installation by Amos Ben-Tal, choreographer and musician, and Gosse de Kort, an interdisciplinary artist with a background in architecture. This kinetic installation consists of various mobile elements, each spinning around its axis. A landscape of ever-shifting boundaries for who dancers to find a way through.