Moving through the Middle is a documentation of and a reflection on the collaboration between choreographer and dancer Amos Ben-Tal and architect and visual artist Gosse de Kort, commissioned by WhyNot in 2018-2019, written by Katía Truijen. This project is part of WhyNot's ongoing research into the relationship between the body and architecture, leading towards the 7th edition of Festival WhyNot in January.

Throughout the research of Amos and Gosse, three main questions recurred and shaped their collaborative work: How can the body affect the space it is in? How can a space influence the body? And how can the two coexist in symbiosis? Following their investigations, Gosse designed and developed a modular kinetic structure: a spatial installation and responsive environment to explore their questions, together with dancer Genevieve Osborne.

We hereby share with you the completed version of the publication, including material from the performance-lecture A Question of Ma, the first result of the collaboration that premiered in Korzo in May 2019. Moving through the middle will continue to grow in the coming months, with reflections on research by Amos, Gosse and dancer Genevieve Osborne, and new references to experimental practices at the intersection of dance and architecture.

Read the publication here