During the festival you can join our physical workshops! Learn to improvise with your body in relation to space or learn the Laban technique aimed at better understanding and experiencing your own movements.

Mirte Courtens: Shaping Spaces

Space forms the body and the body forms space. With dance improvisation we investigate the tools that change the expectation, form and experience of the space around us. This workshop by Mirte Courtens is suitable for anyone who wants to experiment with his or her own movement language. And in the evening you can show off your newly learned moves on the dance floor during the WhyNot impro party in the W139!

Mirte Courtens works as a dance researcher/educator at Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Zwolle. She teaches dance and choreographer at Stichting Crea, and works as a performer at Studio Eclipse in Brussels, Dela danse and Wonderland in Amsterdam. Mirte is also a dance/movement therapist at Melman productions in Utrecht.

When: Sat 25 Jan, 12:00 - 14:00
Where: BAU Studio's, Entrepotdok 4, Amsterdam
Costs: €15
Sign up: Send an email to info@festivalwhynot.nl

Katharina Conradi: The Embodied Knowledge of Space

We are living in space and are often unaware of how space and spatial pulls influence us in our daily life as well as in art. The Laban Bartenieff Movement System is a somatic and theoretical study of all aspect of human movement, unique in investigating the relationship between movement and space. This workshop by Katharina will offer you a glimpse into Laban and the world of embodied knowledge of space. This workshop is interesting for people who work with movement and/or architecture and other curious people interested in studying human movement.

Katharina Conradi is a certified choreographer/dancer, Laban Movement Analyst, Master Dance Therapy and Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist. She is working for many years as a choreographer and dancer in the Netherlands and abroad. Her creative work includes dance movies, intercultural projects and site-specific performances. Katharina teaches at the University of the Arts CODARTS in Rotterdam and at the Academy for Dance and Theatre in Amsterdam. She also works internationally as a teacher for somatic and creative practice in different settings.


When: Sat 25 Jan, 10:00 - 11:30
Where: BAU, Entrepotdok 4, Amsterdam
Costs: €15
Sign up: Send an email to info@festivalwhynot.nl