Fabienne Vegt: Scripted Space

Sat 25 Jan, W139
22:45 - 23:00
Full program & tickets W139

A dancers’ body is like an archive of choreography. Choreographer Fabienne Vegt created a performance for three excellent dancers, from the renowned Nederlands Dans Theater 1, in which they recall movements and forms that were once written on their bodies. In Scripted Space these dreamlike memories demand a hyper-aware state of mind.

In fact, everyone's body contains a wordless story - physical memories of certain patterns, encounters, measurements of spaces, moves, habits, actions, dances. As we enter a new space we carry these memories with us under our skin.

The performance will be guided by renowned improv musicians Frank Rosaly (drums), Torbjörn Zetterberg (double bass) and Cene Resnik (saxophone) and will flow into the WhyNot party. Accompanied by the beats of Salvador Breed this ending of WhyNot’s 2020 edition is an invitation for everyone to let go of all kinds of written rules (scripts).

script & stage direction: Fabienne Vegt
dancers: Chloé Albaret, César Faria Fernandes, Marne van Opstal
musicians: Frank Rosaly, Torbjorn Zetterberg, Cene Resnik