WhyNot & Julidans

Dunja Jocic: Resident

Sat 25 Jan, W139
22:00 - 22:30
Full program & tickets W139

Dunja Jocic is one of the most exciting new choreographers in the Netherlands. In Resident, a young man moved into an apartment in a modern residential tower, in his quest for perfect living conditions. His apartment is equipped with the latest technologies, is in direct contact with the technology in his body and ensures that he can spend his days as efficiently as possible. But his existence in the grip of technology companies has alienated him from living outside his apartment. As the days alternate, he feels that the apartment has a strange effect on him.

Dunja Jocic (Belgrade, 1978) danced among others with Club Guy and Roni, Ballet du Nord (FR) and Emio Greco / PC. In 2013, she was nominated for the Swan "most impressive dance performance" for her role in Midnight Rising by Guy & Roni. She was nominated for a Golden Calf (2015), won the BNG Bank Dance Prize (2016) and the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Maastricht (2018).

Choreography: Dunja Jocic
Performance: Thomas Higginson and Dunja Jocic
Dramaturgy & set design: Marinus Groothof
Text: Barbi Markovic
Light: Pavla Beranova & Marinus Groothof
Sound Design: Renger Koning
Producer: Korzo Theater The Hague, Bird Productions, Dutch Dance Days
More info: www.dunjadjocic.com

photo © Sanne Rosbag