a social performance bot

OurSpace is a participatory performance that zooms in on the virtual and the physical space between people, their online and offline identity and social encounters.

Ourspace is a quirky social experiment and performance that choreographs the bodies of participants using a chatbot in WhatsApp. The performance tests the boundaries of space in our hyperconnected world. It’s a productive way to reflect on the seemingly normalized things we do in virtual social networks like following, zooming and liking -- and to highlight the embodied experience of these media practices.

The audience is guided by an artificial chatbot on WhatsApp. This artificial companion is sharing stories and responding with assignments that translates online social habits into physical movements. These storylines can vary from simple actions “If you think somebody looks interesting, tap this person on the shoulder” to more intimate actions “Observe your new friend closely: smell them, feel them”.



OurSpace is an initiative and production of Klasien van de Zandschulp, WhyNot, and James Bryan Graves.

Choreography: Marjolein Vogels Script: Klasien van de Zandschulp, Daisy Benz, Marjolein Vogels Technology: James Bryan Graves Interaction Design: Klasien van de Zandschulp Music: Mark Meeuwenoord Graphic Design: Angela Lidderdale

In September 2018 we launched Ourspace 3.0, commissioned by RAUM, Utrecht. This new version of Ourspace is focussing on new social spaces (neighbourhoods, festivals). It offers an offline social network, human data visualizations and guarantees ‘new friends for life!’. OurSpace was inspired by the interactive app iPerform, developed for Van Gogh Museum in 2015. Currently, OurSpace has been bought by schools, and it being played by kids all around the country.